Fundamentals of Navigator Missions

Summary: This article traces our cross-cultural experience in developing our missions program from the aftermath of our 1972 Global Strategy until the introduction of our Fundamentals of Navigator Missions in 1998. It should be read alongside the other articles listed at the end. Occasional quotations from other sources are sprinkled throughout the article. The process described […]


Summary: This article is the third in a triad: Nationalizing, Internationalizing, and Contextualizing. After recognizing the uniform approach of our early years, as we projected our American experience into other cultures—which was both natural and typical of that era—this article traces the acceptance of “contextualization” among evangelicals in the 1970s and 1980s. How did we […]

The Nations

Summary: This article discusses how we gradually developed an understanding of the scriptural terms describing the nations, and how this was then used internationally to assess our progress among peoples, languages, countries, and cities. These four facets were seen by us as concrete and accessible ways of approaching the general term “nation” (ethnos). The text […]