Global Planning 1976 –

Summary: This article picks up where “Global Planning 1966-1975” left off. It takes us through the adjustment phase of the mid-1970s after which we began to encounter stress prompted by the rapidity of our earlier expansion. Therefore, our international leadership conference in 1980 presented two faces: a welcome and fresh commitment to what was internationally […]

IHQ and USHQ Relationships

Summary: This article examines the years from the birth of our international headquarters at the end of 1974 until the appointment of Terry Taylor as US director in 1984. Four later concerns are listed at the end, but none was as widely and persistently contentious as the first traumatic period lasting for about six years […]

Structures in the 1970s

Summary: This article reviews the 1974 separation between our International HQ (IHQ) and our USHQ, though it is more concerned with our field structure, it explains the subsequent alignment of our divisional directors as a team committed to working with the president in forwarding our overall or global mission. The move away from Management by […]

The Nations

Summary: This article discusses how we gradually developed an understanding of the scriptural terms describing the nations, and how this was then used internationally to assess our progress among peoples, languages, countries, and cities. These four facets were seen by us as concrete and accessible ways of approaching the general term “nation” (ethnos). The text […]