Search Techniques

  1. Use the search box located in the upper right section of each site page. The site will display one or more articles or images in which that keyword is found.
  2. To locate specific words or names within a single article, type “control + f” on your computer (“command + f” on a Mac). A small search window will open on your screen. Type the word or name you are searching for in that window. Each instance of the word will be highlighted in the article.
  3. The table of contents for the “Worldwide Partnership” collection can be used to identify articles by topic.
  4. Browse the site.

How to Print or Save Articles

  1. Scroll to the very end of the article you wish to print.
  2. Click on the “Print” icon.
  3. Adjust your settings as desired
  4. Click on “More Settings” to reduce the scale of the font size. This will reduce the paper required to print the article. (A 70 percent scale is about 10-point font.)
  5. To save an article, follow instructions 1-2, but choose to save the article as a PDF.

How to Contribute Content to NavHistory

If you have factual stories and articles, or historical images about Navigator history, please contact our History & Archives Manager, Patrick Kochanasz, by using the “Contact” page.