Navigator and Glen Eyrie History Reading List

For more information on the history of The Navigators and Glen Eyrie, we recommend the following books: The Navigators Amazing Grace, Amazing Hope: The Navigators 75th Anniversary. Colorado Springs: Navigators, 2009. Downing, Jim. Living Legacy: Reflections on Dawson Trotman and Lorne Sanny. Colorado Springs, CO: DawsonMedia, 2007. Downing, Jim. The Other Side of Infamy: My Journey through […]

Short Reads

The “Short Reads” collection contains excerpts from articles in the Worldwide Partnership collection.

US Navigators

Articles and images in the “US Navigators” section explore the history of The Navigators in the United States.

Worldwide Partnership

“Worldwide Partnership” articles focus on the evolution of The Navigators from its US origins to become a cross-cultural movement in 115 countries.