Whing Ding

In 1965 hundreds of young men gathered at Glen Eyrie for the famous Whing Ding.  The Great Hall at Glen Eyrie didn’t have enough space for all of the conference attendees so the Glen staff got a little bit creative with the seating arrangements, building scaffolding up to the ceiling! The 1965 Whing Ding remains one of the most memorable and spiritually impactful events in Navigator History. 1965 WingDing1


  1. Robert Ridley, MD says:

    There was also a Wing-Ding in 1964, same location, and most of us sat on the hardwood floor. It was there, on Saturday evening, March 28, that I trusted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

  2. Gene Smith says:

    Absolutely breathtaking to see so many men poured into almost every square inch of that building. I’d guess they did not have ‘fire marshalls’ back then. God is such a big God to allow the Navs to infect and affect so many with the living Word of God. Give glory to God alone, for all He has done!

  3. Dick Endersby says:

    I attended with men from Northern Iowa and Iowa State. The time confirmed my commitment to discipeship.

  4. Lou Hiltz says:

    I used to have a recording of parts of the event – some of the fun music. Do any recordings of the event still exist? I have reel to reel equipment if I could get the tape or just about any kind of media. Thanks, Lou Hiltz Lexington, South Carolina

  5. Ed Kearn says:

    Wish I had gotten photos… 1968, held during the fall at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. I was led to the Lord by Nav guys at Kansas State, 9-21-68, and we wore Kansas sunflowers around our necks to classes, with a pocket in the back for flyers to pass out! Built courage!

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