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NavHistory aims to preserve the story of our Worldwide Partnership and to foster an informed understanding of our God-given heritage. Our vision is to serve Navigator leaders and staff, as well as researchers and the public.

The Worldwide Partnership of The Navigators started in the 1930s with a few people studying the Bible together and learning how to imitate Christ in daily life. During World War II, the movement expanded to help American servicemen. Today, a multinational family of Navigators helps people in 115 countries "to know Christ and to make Him known."


Glenn McMahan, Managing Editor
Sarah Miles, Assistant Editor
Cindy Kuhn, Assistant to Donald McGilchrist
Dick Fischer, History Consultant


Susan Fletcher, Editor
Patrick Kochanasz, Assistant Editor

Recent Articles

Materials and Communications, Pt. 2

January 24, 2019

Summary: This article picks up the story of our materials and communications in the early 1970s, when US NavPress was launched. It largely follows the development of NavPress and how it related to the parent US corporation until the end of Kent Wilson’s tenure as publisher in 2007. Contents NavPress in the 1970s NavPress Strategy […]

US Field Ministries 1960s

December 21, 2018

Summary: In large measure, the 1960s laid down the tracks on which our ministries would run for many years. It was a very fruitful period: Our US work saw many innovations accompanied by a relentless focus on spiritual laborers. We were organizing for expansion. Key Words Dawson Trotman, Lorne Sanny, Expansion, Mike Treneer, Waldron Scott, […]

The Topical Memory System

The Topical Memory System

November 7, 2018

The Topical Memory System is one of The Navigators’ most well-loved study methods. How did the TMS come to be? In 1926 Dawson Trotman came to faith in Christ through Scripture memory. One day on his way to work, a passage that he had memorized for a church contest flashed in his head: John 14:12 “Verily, […]



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